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To Your Health

“Natural” and “organic” are what God gave us. Why do so many people reject the simple ways God provides for us to be healthy and comfortable, and then pray to that same God to fix their health and discomfort? I can only imagine how frustrating that must be to God.


How often do people drop off their sugar-laden pesticide-treated butter-infused goodies for their sick friends, with the comment, “I’m praying for you”? It’s about as ironic as the smoke-filled concert hall filled to capacity for a friend’s cancer treatment fundraiser.


When an athlete is preparing for his most challenging competition, when a warrior is preparing for a life-or-death battle, part of that preparation, I would think, is getting fit, well-nourished, and rested. Wouldn’t fighting disease be easier and more successful if we took the same measures?  Hydrate.  There’s water for that.  Boost your immune system.  There’s food for that.  Digest.  There’s food for that too.  Do whatever it takes to get good quality sleep.  There’s effective pain relief growing on trees. (And massage therapy!)  Breathe. Often and deeply. There’s air for that. (While you’re at it, exhale!) Get grounded. There’s soft grass for walking barefoot on for that. 


Why are suggestions of healthier living and herbal (created by God) remedies met with rolling eyes or a pat on the hand and a “that’s a nice idea, honey” look, as if nobody has time for such frivolous endeavors when they have to get ready for chemotherapy?


I once chaperoned a third-grade field trip to an apple orchard, which involved a long uphill hike. Many of the kids were running into the woods and finding walking sticks to help them with their climb. One little girl came crying to me, complaining that nobody would get her a walking stick. When I asked her why she didn’t get her own walking stick, her look said very clearly that she’d never thought of that. A few minutes later, she came running back to me, face beaming, to show me the stick she had found all by herself.  


The tools are here, people. Stop praying for God to do it for you, and pick up your own damn sticks!  Either you believe in God or you don’t. If you do, then why do you think man-made medicine is better than God-made? 


I’m not rejecting Western medicine; I’m just suggesting that we do our parts too.  Maybe the man-made stuff could be more effective and efficient if we took charge of our own starting points via what God/Nature has provided. And even if you don’t believe in God, I bet you believe in food and water and air, and use it every day. There’s room for improvement for all of us, and it’s a matter of life or death. The middle road, the one too well-traveled, seems to be survival, or death resistance. BFA*


*Barely Adequate


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