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The Easter Phoenix


Resurrection:  the revitalization of something.  Something that was dead, now again alive.


How many times have I been resurrected?  How many times have I started over?  Often just because of the natural flow of life - moving out on my own, beginning my married life, beginning motherhood, beginning divorced life, beginning new businesses, beginning life no longer defined by motherhood...  When part of my life has ended, and I must begin again, I am resurrected.  The alternative would be to die/remain dead.


Now, if God is Love, and Jesus is God, then Jesus is Love, yes?  So Easter celebrates the resurrection of Love.  Far too often, Love for ourselves dies.  We have a harder time loving ourselves than anyone else.  We’re not able to forgive ourselves for whatever we’re feeling guilty about; rather, we punish ourselves endlessly for the same crime.  We preach forgiveness, but forget to forgive ourselves.  We preach love, but forget to love ourselves.  Maybe Easter is about resurrecting Love in my personal life, wherever it has died, especially for my own Self.


And then there are the Easter eggs.  Bright festive colors.  The wonder of finding and collecting hidden treasures.  Fun and games.  Once you’ve put all your eggs in one basket, then what?  If you just leave them there and forget about them, they’ll rot.  They’ll become useless and stinky.  So you eat them, or  share them, or feed them to the dog.


So I’ve decided to go on an Easter egg hunt.  The “eggs” I collect will symbolize new life, awakening, new beginnings.  I’ll do things to show myself that I love me.  Often.  Not because I’ve earned it, or been good enough, or deserve it.  Just because it is the thing to do.  When I do this, when I take the time and make the effort to do the things that feed my soul, I feel happy.  I feel alive.  Really really alive.  For me, saying “Yes!” to being with horses, to listening to music, to getting massages, to uncontrollable laughter, to connections with my loved ones, to good food and good coffee...  This is how I say “Yes!” to Love.  These are the eggs I will seek, then consume, to make them a part of Who I Am.  Because if I just leave them in the basket, if I stop at dreaming about someday doing these things for myself, I’ve lost the treasures.


Love lives.  Love is risen.  Happy Easter!


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