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"Harriet, thank you so very much for your professionalism and truthfulness in your work! It was immediately obvious that these qualities brought up the collective healing energies in one another and the horses. Thank you for deciding in advance to conduct your course with this intention. With your help, we accomplished our objective!" ~Ann Donaldson, White Horse Farm, Hampstead, NC


What are your dreams and goals with your horse?

What are the obstacles and challenges in your way? 

How can massage therapy help clear the path and bring you closer to your objectives?

A horse with a supple, pain-free body is better able to focus on dancing with you. In this 4-part hands-on clinic, Harriet Ling of Dancing Horse Equine Massage will teach you to locate, assess, and treat pain, tension and stiffness. The result is a happier, more willing partner.
Tension and pain are as bothersome for your horse as they are for you. When you eliminate the distraction of having to push through restricted movement, your horse is better able to concentrate and deliver what you're asking. Learning a practical set of massage and bodywork techniques will enable you to take your relationship with your horse to the next level.  
The information in this clinic will be presented in four two-hour segments, allowing plenty of time for understanding and applying the techniques. By the end of the clinic, your horse's improved range and ease of motion will be accessible through your hands, and you’ll discover just how much your horse is willing to teach you when you’re willing to listen.  We’ll discuss how horses are our mirrors, not only in personality and mood, but also physically.
In addition to learning a full-body massage sequence, we’ll cover these subjects:  
Day 1, Morning Session: Back 
Identifying tension and pain through feel
Reading the horse’s body language
Relaxation points
Maintaining a supple back
Afternoon Session: Hindquarters
Making use of reflex points
Stifle support
Happy hamstrings
Day 2, Morning Session:  Shoulder
Releasing deep adhesions
Minimizing the vulnerability of lower leg tendons
Effects of unbalanced feet
Afternoon Session:  Head and Neck
Relaxation techniques
The value of aromatherapy in treating colic and choke
Active stretching


Class size is always limited!